Issues of Manhood in Black and White

Issues of Manhood in Black and White

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An Incisive Look into Masculinity and the Societal Definition of Afrikan Man

Author: Amos N. Wilson

The need to examine Issues of Manhood in its complexity is mandatory.  The mere mention of manhood conjures up debate, often hostile: polarized.  Manhood in definition seems ever-changing, under challenge and charge.  In view of behavior often confusing, violent, sometimes immature, and invariably nonproductive, frequently to the detriment of the black community, manhood stokes discussion and search for an alternative, even status quo overthrow.  The age-old issue of "what is a man", "be a man", man as leader, provider and producer, is encased in a political, economic, social and geopolitical framework largely in the manufacture and control of a dominating power oft-times white, racist, ruthless, American, where ambition and opportunities to succeed are curtailed, few, education poor or inappropriate, history and psychohistory deemed irrelevant, violence and aggression without respite, where city, state and national governmental regimes care little to alleviate these conditions except line the coffers of wealthy friends and class allies as entitlement.  Wilson takes this issue by the scruff in his accustomed way, rendering a searingly absolutely brilliant treatise for any historical time.  Although delivered over 25 years ago, in view of right wing racist ascent to governmental office nationwide, his accuracy seems spot-on prophetic.

This text we partner with Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence where Wilson again shows in detail how American society creates and sustains Black adolescent criminality in its inner-cities across the United States.  He boldly asserts that Black-on-Black adolescent violence is rooted in historical and contemporary White-on-Black violence.

Wilson advances a continental African paradigm worthy of discussion and applicability to Diasporan males, one that dovetails with female understanding of black males, her mate selection, childrearing and steadfast in forging family and community vital to tribe and nation.  Wilson surely meets the mark with plenty of overshoot.  This dynamo warrants a second look in the context of challenging times.  Simply magnificent are his message and prescriptions.

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